Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Old Apache Trail and 4 Peaks

On a sightseeing trip to show my son around the area, we headed up Highway 88 from Apache Junction towards Roosevelt Lake.
We encountered these great waterfalls just south of Apache Lake.  Normally there are no waterfalls here, but it had rained in the last few days and I think this was some of the runoff.

But in the wash below the trees still had their fall colors.

Then up at Roosevelt Lake we saw this double ended rainbow (but my camera couldn't get the entire rainbow, just one side or the other).  No matter where we drove, the rainbow just seemed to follow us.

Max decided to take the road over 4 Peaks on the way back to Mesa.  What we hadn't anticipated was the amount of snow on top of the mountain.  What was rain in the valley, was snow on top of the peak.

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