Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thanksgiving in Tahlequah

I know, I know, I'm still a month behind.  Here it is Christmas and I'm still posting about Thanksgiving.
After spending time in Oklahoma City with my grandkids, my son, Sam, picked me up and we headed to his brothers house in Tahlequah, OK, for Thanksgiving dinner.  I was going to stay there until I returned to Mesa  the next week.
While I was there they took me exploring to one of their favorite places, Devils Den State Park in Arkansas.
Aaron, Holly, Adrion and Gavin standing in front of one of the smaller caves.

Aaron and Sam in front of one of the larger caves.

The kids found these wonderful, large vines to swing on.
On another day we headed out to hike Sparrowhawk Mountain.  Yeah, yeah, I know, there really aren't any mountains in Oklahoma, but is sounds funny to say Sparrowhawk Hill.  Most people think of Oklahoma being nothing but flat wheat fields.  But in the south and east they have a very different terrain.  Lots of lakes, rivers and forests and yes, even mountain ranges.

Getting ready to head up the hill.

We made it.  Actually it was only a short hike, maybe a mile to the top.

But it was a pretty view overlooking the Illinois River.  The Illinois River is popular in the summer for floating, kaying, canoeing, as well as fishing.

Another 20 miles down the road was Dripping Springs State Park.

Not a very large park, it did have a nice waterfall.  During dry times, waterfalls and many springs in this state dry up.  Glad it wasn't that way this year, even in the fall.

Gavin is practicing his balancing act on this bench.

While his brother, Adrion, is playing King of the Rock.

Back in the city of Tahlequah is Northeastern State University, the oldest college in Oklahoma and one of the oldest west of the Mississippi River.  Although a Cherokee school was founded in 1851 on this site, the university didn't get going until 1909.  Located on 200 acres, it still uses one of the original buildings from the Cherokee Female Seminary and currently has an enrollment of approximately 6500.
Tahlequah is also home of the Cherokee Nation, where they still have a Cherokee High School and Boarding School and a required course in the Cherokee language.

All too soon it was time to head back home, but on the way we stopped for coffee and what a site.  Someone came to the store on their tractor!

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TexCyn said...

Thanks for today's post. That park with the caves looks interesting. I may have to visit it on my next trip to Ark.
Happy Holidays!