Friday, December 21, 2012

Mud Bogs-What were these people thinking?

Evidently, a new fad for the younger set is mud bogs.  They have them all over the country, in all shapes and sizes.  Some are huge events, lasting several days with thousands of participants.  Others are smaller venues, such as the one I went to.  Max's kids and grandkids have participated in these before, but on this particular Saturday, they were part of a mud bog run going on at McDonald's Farm in Scottsdale.
Mud bogs are a 5 or 10k run with obstacles, usually ending with a mud bog.  This day's event was a 4 mile run with some hurdles and other obstacles, ending in a huge mud puddle.  And yes, you have to pay for the privilege of participating and getting absolutely muddy.

Standing in line after, waiting for your turn to be hosed off.

The final obstacle, the mud pit.  You had to go from one end to the other, under the wires.  The only way was on your hands and knees, or in some cases, elbows and knees.  

They even had a kids run.  It was just a short run around the field, then through the tube obstacle, before hitting the mud pit.

This is Max's grandson in the mud pit.
Actually, it looked pretty fun.  They have different classes, such as men's single, women's single, doubles men and doubles women, mixed doubles, then teams, some teams of 3, up to teams of 5.  I saw teams with matching shirts indicating they all worked at the same company.  Some people came dressed up in costumes.  I'm glad I went, even if it was as an observer.  Who knows, maybe some day I'll even participate.


Barbara and Ron said...

What will they think of next? I unwillingly participated in a 'mud bog' when I attended Jamboree in the Hills in WV one year. It was an outdoor three-day concert and it rained the whole time. We were covered in mud. I guess I was just ahead of my time.

ladynomad said...

See, you didn't even know what you started.