Monday, December 17, 2012

The Last of Death Valley

 I was at Death Valley for over two weeks, so, I really did do a lot of things.  But here is last post about the activities, including the 49er Encampment (which was the reason I was at Death Valley to begin with).
Some of us did a hike of Golden Canyon/Gower Gulch, a total loop of about 4-5 miles.  Some only did Golden Canyon, which was a little shorter. 

Here is close to the beginning of the Golden Canyon hike.

Here we have turned into Gower Gulch and climbed to the top of the hill.  They don't call these badlands for nothing.  It's really pretty desolate.  Not even a shrub grows out here.

At one point, it even narrowed into a slot canyon.

Finally, we spot death valley again.
Another day, Max and I took off to visit the beehives, but we saw some interesting things along the way too.

Stan Jones, once a NPS Ranger, lived here with his wife when he worked at Death Valley.  It was while he worked here he wrote 'Ghost Riders in the Sky'.  His song writing eventually took him to Hollywood and he left his job as a NPS Ranger.

Designed by Swiss Engineers, these Beehive Charcoal Kilns were built in 1877 by Chinese laborers.  Although they have been stabilized, these ten remaining beehives are among the best preserved charcoal kilns known.  It is said they were only used for about two years, which is why many believe they are in such good shape today.

This sign is all that is left of the ghost town of Skidoo, CA.  Once the home of a gold mine, which produced $1.5 million in gold, there is no trace, not even foundations left, to show where this once thriving town (from 1907-1917) was once located.  The sign is said to be located in the middle of what was once main street.

The Friday morning breakfast at the 49er Encampment had an Navy helicopter show up.

It was actually just a part of the emergency services display.

But we were there for the music.  This was one of my favorite singers, Dave Stamey.

Belinda Gail also performs in Branson, MO.

Chaparrel were also very good.

Although it was a little chilly out, quite a few of us made it over for the 8am music.

In other areas of Furnce Creek Ranch, they had demonstrations of gold panning.

But the big event of the day was the arrival of the wagon train and the riders.

The wagon train travels, over a period of a week, from Wade Monument to Furnace Creek Ranch.

Mary Kaye autographed the CD I purchased and also took a picture with me.  Would you believe this woman has ten kids?  Unbelievable.

Here are the riders as they arrived.

How many hats do you really need to wear Joanne?

Here is Joyce getting ready for the parade.  I believe she got the most attention of anyone participating in the parade that day.

We had quite a group participate.

They always have a musical tribute to honor the veterans.  The young girl with the fiddle is only 11 years old.
Well, another encampment is over, and I am glad I was there.  It was lots of fun, but after two weeks at Death Valley, I was ready to return to Glendale.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Those are especially good pictures of Golden Canyon.