Sunday, April 18, 2010

And even more rally activities.....

Rellene wasn't with us last year when we visited the Gruene Dance Hall, outside of New Braunfels, TX. So Saturday we decided to take a day trip over and see what was going on.
This is supposed to be the oldest dance hall in Texas, dating from the 1880s.

They still have the original wood floor and it shows. Uneven and rough with nails sticking up makes it really hard to dance on.

But the bar is pretty neat looking. Over the years many famous country western artists have played here and several movies were shot on this location.

On our way out of town we stopped at the Prince Solms Park in downtown New Braunfels. It is on the Comal River and the city recreation department has created this tube chute. Last year no one was using it because it was still pretty cold, but this year the place was crowded.

It really is a neat park and great idea. I wish I could come back and try it this summer.
On Sunday afternoon a group of 13 went on a trail ride.
Here we are waiting for them to get our horses ready.

My horse was Taco.

There were others on the trail beside our group.

We actually took the horses across several creeks.

I guess Max can say he is a real cowboy now!

More activities during the dance rally.....

It's been a wet winter in Texas and the Medina River actually had enough water for kayaking. There were two kayak trips during the rally, although I only kayaked on one.
19 people went on the first trip, but only 7 of us kayaked on the second trip.

We had to go under this tree and not everyone made it keeping the open side up.

I just loved all the cypress trees.

We also had a low bridge to go under too. But I don't think I really had to duck!

This was the last waterfall and 4 of us decided to hold on to each other and go over together.

One place we were told we just had to visit was the "Apple Store" in Medina.

Here I am eating their famous apple ice cream. It really did taste like I was eating a piece of apple pie.

On our way home we spotted a herd of about 18 deer like this. I only thought babies had the spots, but this was a large, full grown deer.

I also rescued this turtle.

And these longhorns were all over.
Max got me on video going over the first waterfall.

The 11th Street Cowboy Bar in Bandera, TX

Every year one of the highlights is going into town for the 'burn your own' at the cowboy bar. You bring your own meat, they provide the grill, the seasonings and you can buy a plate with all the fixins', then you burn your own for dinner. While you are cooking your meat, the band starts playing and when you are fininshed with dinner, the dancing begins. What more fun could you ask for?

The second week it was raining when we went, so 60+ of us crowded in under the small roofed area. The band also moved in under cover and we danced in the sawdust and the rainwater.

The band always invites us to join them on stage. Some call us the 'irritations'.

Theme Nights at Bandera

We had 3 different theme nights during the rally. I think, by far, the most popular was the pajama party. I don't think I need say more.....

Even Ronnie Furr and his wife, (our music for the evening), got into the act.

I guess we both like moose's!

But I think Diana was the hit of the party with her footed pj's.

Another night was Fiesta Night......

And who says adults don't have any imagination? I think we just did not get to play enought 'dress up' as kids, what do you think?
We always have one night for really getting fancy......

Notice the tux....

and then notice these tuxes.......

Cowboy Church, Down on the Farm and the Tacky Fashion Show

There are several activities which occur every year. Here are the highlights....
On Easter Sunday a group of over 40 attended church at the Western Heritage Cowboy Church, the same one a group of us attended last year.

They serve breakfast before chuch every Sunday.

I really enjoyed the music and because it was Easter, several of their members were out of town.

They even had a number of baptisms. They believe in full immersion and use horse troughs for the event.

Even the pastor keeps his hat on during the sermon. You do remove your hat during prayer though.

The first official activity of the rally is the Down on the Farm with Andy. Everyone dresses up for the occasion and we were served hot dogs and fixins'.

Sandra brought all her critters along.

There was a hay ride down to the river where the party was held.

We always have entertainment too. Keith Fitzpatrick, a local of Bandera, TX, is famous for his fancy and trick roping. He's also pretty good with the bullwhip as well. Keith travels world wide giving exhibitions and entertaining audiences with his roping abilities.

I know he sure entertained us.

There was also the Tacky Fashion Show, which is held every year. Everyone tries to outdo everyone else as you will see..... This guy found himself in a pickle (barrel that is).

These two country hicks were on their way to New York City and they got all dressed up for the occasion.

Some of the fashion gurus.

I won't even try to explain.......You just had to be there. People just couldn't stop laughing at this one.