Sunday, April 18, 2010

More activities during the dance rally.....

It's been a wet winter in Texas and the Medina River actually had enough water for kayaking. There were two kayak trips during the rally, although I only kayaked on one.
19 people went on the first trip, but only 7 of us kayaked on the second trip.

We had to go under this tree and not everyone made it keeping the open side up.

I just loved all the cypress trees.

We also had a low bridge to go under too. But I don't think I really had to duck!

This was the last waterfall and 4 of us decided to hold on to each other and go over together.

One place we were told we just had to visit was the "Apple Store" in Medina.

Here I am eating their famous apple ice cream. It really did taste like I was eating a piece of apple pie.

On our way home we spotted a herd of about 18 deer like this. I only thought babies had the spots, but this was a large, full grown deer.

I also rescued this turtle.

And these longhorns were all over.
Max got me on video going over the first waterfall.

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Barbara and Ron said...

You look like a pro going over that fall.