Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Slabs 2010

I'm not going to repost a lot of photos from the slabs, but if you want to learn more about the slabs, check out my blog from back in 2008:

Since 2008 the tanks have been repainted, or should I say, just updated and refreshed with some minor modifications. This tank has lots of dinosaurs and other animals. The tanks are within walking distance of where we park.

Here is where me and my friends all park out in the desert at the Slabs.

Some of my friends put on a short 'play' for the group. The production was "Cinderella".

The producer

The narrator

Prince Charming

One of the ugly stepsisters

The other ugly stepsister


The fairy godmother

It wasn't your typical version of Cinderella, but sure was funny and enjoyable. A great big Thank You to all the participants for sharing your talents with the rest of us.

And then it was back to the Phoenix area for a few days.

Joshua Tree National Park

After returning from Oklahoma, Max and I headed out of Phoenix and ended up at Joshua Tree. Although I had been some years ago, I didn't remember much, and Max could only remember driving through, so we both wanted to explore some more.
Cottonwood Springs is on the south side of the park. From the 1870s to about 1910, Cottonwood Springs was a refreshing stop in the desert for Indians, miners, travelers and cowboys. Although the Indians had been camping here for centuries, it was the miners who came to the area who changed the land the most.

Using water from the local spring, the minors built places like this to crush their ore.

We hiked to Lost Horse Mine, which was a 4 mile round trip from the parking area. Legend has it that Johnny Lang found the mine while searching for his lost horse. Whether that is true or not, Johnny and his partners filed the claim for the mine in 1893. It operated full time until 1908.

Looking back on the trail and in the distance you can even see a snow capped mtn in the background.

This 10-stamp battery, ore mill and hoist processed 9000 ounces of gold during the mine's operation. Notice how bundled up I am? It was only in the high 40s, maybe low 50s and the wind was blowing 20-30 mph, making it feel much colder.

At one time their were hundreds of small claims and mines operated in the area which is now Joshua Tree NP. This is what is left of the Silver Bell Mine.

At Keys View you can look over the Coachella Valley and see the San Andreas Fault line.

Although the park is named after the Joshua Tree, a member of the Yucca family, they are only found in the northern part of the park. The park is actually comprised of 2 different deserts, the Mojave in the north and the Colorado in the south, each having its own plants and landscapes. Much of the park exists in a transision zone, where species from both deserts are found.

Here the Joshua Trees are so thick they actually do remind you of a forest environment.
But it was very windy the entire time we were there, so after several days we headed south towards the slabs, hoping to find better weather.

It's been a tough year..

For those that follow my blog, you all know I lost my father back in August. Then my mom collapsed at his memorial. Well, I lost my mom just a week before Thanksgiving, only 3 months after my dad. I guess, after 64 years of marriage, she didn't want to live alone. Her health just never really came back after her collapse. So here is a small tribute to some great parents. I loved them and will miss them.
Some have wondered where I get my adventurous spirit, but I know. It was from my parents.
We started camping when I was only 6 years old. They always encouraged me to try new things and to live life to the fullest. I can remember my parents playing cards and dominos with their friends and all of us kids having our own party while the parents danced away in the other room. After my dad had been medically retired in his 50s, he bought his first motorcycle and he and my mom joined a motorcycle club. (It was a club my late husband and I introduced them to) I even remember a great costume party we all attended one year for Halloween. And there are many more memories just like these. The way they loved to entertain, to take people out on the lake fishing, and how they enjoyed going out with their friends. And especially the last 15 years, how they enjoyed their friends and activities at their local church.
My mom and dad several years ago.

My mom and myself just a few weeks before her death.