Monday, March 10, 2014

Cowboy Mardi Gras, Part 2

The parade started at noon.  Margaret brought her pickup in around 8am so we would have front row seats.

The entire main street through town was packed.

It was only fitting that the Cowboy Capital of the World would start the parade (even a Mardi Gras parade) with horses.

They were coming fast enough, I couldn't get shots except from this weird angle.

About 1/3 of the way through the parade, my camera batteries died.  The parade lasted about an hour (and main street is only 4 blocks long).  There were floats for all the local bars, several of the ranchs and many other local businesses and community organizations.

These guys just wished they from from CNN.

There was even a wedding.  Held in front of the 11th Street Cowboy Bar and on horseback.  

All decorated and ready to party.

The dancing started early.

The first band of the day was Rusty Metoyer and the Zydeco Crush.

New costumes emerged.

The King and Queen of Cowboy Mardi gras, owners of the 11th Street Cowboy Bar and major sponser of this event.

Just a few of the costume contest contestants.

This group of ladies from the Ft. Worth area were in the top 3 winners.

The earlier bands were cajun/zydeco, but the Saturday evening band was Five Card Draw.  Really good and a great way to end a wonderful Cowboy Mardi Gras.  I hope this isn't the last one I attend.

Cowboy Mardi Gras-Bandera, TX

I wasn't able to be at Mardi Gras for Fat Tuesday, but I got to be at the next best thing, Cowboy Mardi Gras, Bandera Style.
I missed the Thursday celebrations, but made to the Friday afternoon party at 11th Street Cowboy Bar.  The Toman Brothers were playing, with a few real cajun's helping out with the spoons and the washboard.

Enough said.

Everyone and everything celebrates around here.

We are ready to party, Mardi Gras style.

Hey, here's another washboard player.

Reuben and the Revolutions, from the Houston area, played Friday night.

Saturday morning was the Gumbo cookoff.  Over a dozen gumbo chefs made their best creations.  I bought six tickets, but only tried five.  (I went back for seconds at one booth)

The decorations were festive.

But best of all was the costumes.

Before the parade, the revelers are getting ready.  On Friday afternoon, I helped decorate this float for the Cowboy Bar.  What a great bunch of people in this town!

I loved Kathy's boots.  She did it herself.

As I said, the costumes were great.

Chuck Levert was all ready in his costume.

This is part 1.  The rest of the party will be in the next blog.