Monday, October 12, 2015

Lexington, KY

Back in June, I was still following the Ohio River north, but strayed a little in Kentucky while doing the Bourbon Trail.  Lexington Horse Park is a convenient location while checking out things in the surrounding area.

I think Max makes a good hillbilly.

Whether I make a good hillbilly or not, I enjoyed playing the part for a weekend festival.

Adkins and Laudermilk.  If you missed them at one time, you can catch them later.  Almost all the bands played at least twice during the festival.
For three days, you could hear bluegrass music from 11am until midnight.  And if you wanted to wander around the horse park, you could listen to the jamming until 2-3 am.  (No, I never made it up that late)

Barefoot Movement

Holler Blend


New Town

Wildwood Valley

I hope I can attend again some day.

We didn't spend all our time at the festival, we had time to check out several distilleries in the area.

Buffalo Trace is one of my favorite distilleries, mainly because they have Creamed Bourbon, Yum.  And this year I bought several bottles since you usually can't find it anywhere else.  Notice Buffalo Trace uses brick warehouses.

Town Branch Distillery is more a small time craft distillery and they still use the old style copper kettles.

Just barreled and ready to head to the warehouse for aging.

Wild Turkey has my favorite, American Honey.  Above is a scaled version of their distillery.

This barrel is one of the select, single barrel bourbons, left to age to perfection.

Just one of many warehouses for Wild Turkey

In nearby Lawrenceburg, KY, is the home of T.B. Ripy, founder of Wild Turkey.  Built in 1888, it was in the family until 1965.  In 2010, descendents of T.B. Ripy repurchased the house with the intent of restoring it.

When I did the Bourbon Trail in 2009, Woodford Reserve had already closed for the summer (many distilleries don't operate year round because of the heat), so all I got to see was the visitor center and I did get a taste testing.  I was here earlier this season and they hadn't closed for the summer.  But they had completely redone the visitor center.

Even though they are a larger distillery, they are more select and are not about quantity, but quality.  They also still use the old style copper kettles.

Barreled and in storage

Taste testing this year included a bourbon ball.  

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