Friday, April 16, 2010

From Arizona to Texas

I'm only about two weeks late in updating my blog, but for my defense, I've been busy.
I left Benson, AZ, and headed east. My goal was the SI's Singles Dance Rally in Bandera, TX. But there were stops along the way. First, Rellene joined me in Benson. After spending the night in Deming at the Dreamcatcher RV Park we headed to Las Cruces, where Cheryl, who lives there, was joining us. While waiting for some more friends to arrive, Cheryl gave us a tour of Mesilla. The Village of Mesilla was incorporated in 1848 after the Treaty of Guadalupe made the area part of the U.S., and not Mexico. At one time it was the capital of Confederate Territory of Arizona. It was also the location of both the Butterfield Stagecoach Line and the Santa Fe Trail. Many historical figures, such as Billy the Kid, Pancho Villa and Pat Garrett, spent time here as well. It lost its prominence in the area when the Santa Fe Railway selected Las Cruces, another small village nearby, to locate in. I forgot my camera so I didn't get pictures.
By this time, Max, Mark, Nancy and Patty had joined the group, so when we left Las Cruces, our caravan was seven strong heading towards Texas.
Our stop for lunch was in Van Horn, TX. The two smaller vehicles are back behind.

Chuy's was made famous by John Madden, the sports caster. The owner even has a table especially for when Mr. Madden stops in. There is a variety of memorabilia from Mr. Madden on the walls, including one of his football jerseys from his professional days. They also have good Mexican food.

We spent the night in Ft. Stockton. Here is supposed to be the largest road runner in the world. Looks pretty big to me!

We drove out to the original Fort. Not much is left but a few buildings. We got there to late to tour the buildings, but still had a chance to walk around the grounds. This fort, like many in the old west, did not have the typical high walls around it like we are used to seeing in the movies.

The city's public pool is from a natural spring.

The old train station is now the Chamber of Commerce.

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