Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cowboy Church, Down on the Farm and the Tacky Fashion Show

There are several activities which occur every year. Here are the highlights....
On Easter Sunday a group of over 40 attended church at the Western Heritage Cowboy Church, the same one a group of us attended last year.

They serve breakfast before chuch every Sunday.

I really enjoyed the music and because it was Easter, several of their members were out of town.

They even had a number of baptisms. They believe in full immersion and use horse troughs for the event.

Even the pastor keeps his hat on during the sermon. You do remove your hat during prayer though.

The first official activity of the rally is the Down on the Farm with Andy. Everyone dresses up for the occasion and we were served hot dogs and fixins'.

Sandra brought all her critters along.

There was a hay ride down to the river where the party was held.

We always have entertainment too. Keith Fitzpatrick, a local of Bandera, TX, is famous for his fancy and trick roping. He's also pretty good with the bullwhip as well. Keith travels world wide giving exhibitions and entertaining audiences with his roping abilities.

I know he sure entertained us.

There was also the Tacky Fashion Show, which is held every year. Everyone tries to outdo everyone else as you will see..... This guy found himself in a pickle (barrel that is).

These two country hicks were on their way to New York City and they got all dressed up for the occasion.

Some of the fashion gurus.

I won't even try to explain.......You just had to be there. People just couldn't stop laughing at this one.

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