Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Grand Canyon

After leaving Canyon de Chelly, I headed towards the Grand Canyon to meet up with friends.  I would be entering from the east where the Watchtower is located.  Since I had never been to this area of the park, I was looking forward to seeing new views.
Opening in 1933, it was designed by Mary Coulter to provide the best scenic views and a gift shop for Desert View.  All the rocks were hand picked to give the tower a weathered look.

The views were magnificent.

Even the inside has been decorated.  

All along the walls and ceilings have been decorated in the Ancient Puebloan style.

More decorations.  Of course, these are more colorful than what you will find at the Ancient Puebloan sites.

The elk were a common site in the park.

Bill and Pat had never been to Grand Canyon before, so one day we took the park bus to Hermits Rest.  It is on the far west side of the park and is said to have some of the most scenic views in the park. It is a 7 mile bus ride with many stops along the way.  You can get on and off at any of the stops.  There are trails you can walk, if you would prefer.
For more information and pictures, visit my blog from 2010.    

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