Thursday, December 6, 2012

Phoenix and the Arizona State Fair

I left the Grand Canyon early and headed to Phoenix.  My toilet broke, my phone quit working (and with no phone, I have no internet), my water pump was acting funny and I had just had it.  I called my RV guy, Ron Wicklund from D&R Family RV, to let him know I was headed his way.  After arriving in Glendale (a suburb of Phoenix), I first found an ATT Warranty store, where I got my phone replaced.  But now I was here for a while, since I had no appointment with Ron, I had to wait my turn.  While I was waiting I hooked up with Max, who was here visiting grandkids, and we checked out the Arizona State Fair.
Now I have to tell a story of myself.  I noticed Billy Currington was scheduled to perform at the State Fair and the concerts for general seating is free with fair admission.  So Max and I spent one day wandering around the fair, anticipating the concert with Billy Currington that evening.  When it was time, we found seats and got ready to hear some good music, but then, wait.  That's not Billy Currington.  That's some punk rock band.  Yeah, I got the dates wrong.  Billy Currington was the previous night.  Oh well.  It was still a fun day at the fair and here is some of what we did.
Listened to a Caribbean drum band.

Watched a figure eight race.  It's really a demolition derby.  Boy, some of the cars really got smashed up.

We did get to listen to this country band from Tucson.

I really enjoyed being entertained while eating BBQ.
Another evening performer several nights later was 'The Mavericks'

The Mavericks were a Miami based band which played country music with a lot of latin beat.  They were popular in the 1980s and 1990s, but split up around 2000.  They have gotten back together and are touring this year and even had a new hit out this past summer.  I was introduced to the band while taking line dance lessons.  The sad part, although we did make it to the concert, it was so loud it hurt my ears.  After just 45 minutes we left, returned to my RV, and listened to my collection of their cd's.  But even though they were loud, they still had the voice and the style.

I hadn't been to a large fair in years.  It was fun, but I don't think I need

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