Friday, December 21, 2012

Back to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving

I flew into Oklahoma City to visit with the kids and grandkids for a few days before heading to Tahlequah to spend Thanksgiving with my other kids and grandkids.  
Caitlin turned 4, so I got to be there for her birthday party.

She was so cute, she actually hid her face while we sang Happy Birthday.

Everyone had to have a party hat, even me.

Cute glasses, don't you think?

Cale had to have his turn.

Colin too.

Carter is only 12, but he's taller than me.  Oh no!

I have been walking with these friends for over ten years.  Not everyday of course, but whenever I am back in OKC, I join them at the mall.   

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Barbara and Ron said...

Ah-ha! This is why I never know where you are - you're a month behind! Those are some really cute kids.