Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My new floor and the Parade of Lights

When I returned to the Phoenix area back in October, it was to get some repairs on my RV.  But in addition to the repairs I also had new floors put in.  Having never liked carpets, even in my stick houses, I had been wanting wood floors for my RV for some time.
I chose to have wood floors throughout the RV, from the bedroom...

all the way through to the living room.  I love them.

And because I had a toilet leaking this past summer, I ended up putting in new tile in the bathroom, too.  (Along the the new toilet I had to replace)
Apache Junction had their Parade of Lights on Dec. 1.  Apache Junction has great parades, lots of floats and lots of horseman too.

Many of the RV Resorts were decked out with Christmas lights.  We met Paula and walked from her place over to the parade route, encountering these wonderful lights along the way.

Every float was lite up.

Some designs were pretty good.  Here you have a reindeer guiding this pickup.

I liked the Model A myself.

And not just the horses were lite up.  Here the cowboy is lite up as well.

And the wagons, too.

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Barbara and Ron said...

The floors look great! I'm jealous.