Sunday, July 17, 2011

Port Clinton-Marblehead

Someone had suggested we visit Marblehead, which is located on a peninsula on Lake Erie. So one day we headed out and saw not only Marblehead, but visited Sandusky as well.

One of my favorite things is the architecture and the old homes, many of which are still being occupied.

Now a gift shop and ice cream and fudge parlour, this was once the elementary school for Marblehead.

I found this saying on a t-shirt and thought it was very appropriate.

Max's new look.

The lighthouse, one of the earliest built on the Great Lakes.

The lightkeeper's residence was not built until some 20 years later. Prior to that time the lightkeeper lived about 2 miles away.

There are over 100 lighthouses located along the shores of the Great Lakes. Trivia question: Which state has more lighthouses than any other? The answer is at the end of this blog.

Sandusky was considered the largest ice producing area west of the Hudson River.

The original lightkeepers residence.

Although it is now a tourist location and has been put back to how it was when the lightkeeper lived here, the home was occupied continuously for over 200 years. In addition to being a personal residence, it was also a restaurant before being abandoned. In the 1990s it was purchased by the historical society, since it is the oldest remaining building in Ottawa County, and the restoration began.

Sandusky has some beautiful parks and gardens in the downtown area.

They also had these painted lighthouses scattered around town, too.

I think we took pictures of about 1/2 dozen, and I know we did not see them all.

Notice this flower clock not only has the correct time, but the correct date as well.

Now, for the answer to the trivia question: Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state.

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