Sunday, July 17, 2011


On our way from Port Clinton to Buffalo, we stopped overnight in Erie, PA.

Looking back at downtown Erie from Dobbins Landing.

Across the street was Smugglers Wharf, where we stopped for refreshment.

Downtown Erie had statues of painted frogs.

And really nice graffiti on the railroad bridges.

Nine miles south of Erie is Waterford, PA. This hotel was built in 1826. It is now a restuarant.

On this location once stood Ft. LeBeouf, a french fort. In 1754, George Washington, on his first assignment, came out to Ft. LeBeouf with notice from the Govenor of Virginia to let the French know they were trespassing on British territory. The French ignored the warning and led to armed conflict the following spring.

Another old home, which has also been turned into a restaurant.

On Presque Isle is another monument to Admiral Oliver Hazard Perry, who won the important water battle for control of the Great Lakes in 1813. The boats for the battle were built in Erie Harbour.

These floating homes were located on an interior waterway on Presque Isle. I think they might have been staff housing for the Coast Guard, since the entire Presque Isle is now a state park.

On North Pier was another lighthouse at the end of Presque Isle.

Just off the end of the pier, at the entrance to Erie Harbour, was a dredge, bringing up sand. They were hauling the sand to the beaches on Presque Isle.

I just had to get my feet wet, and ended up getting more than that wet as well. I know this is a lake, but it feels like an ocean.

Another lighthouse halfway down Presque Isle.

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