Sunday, July 17, 2011

Port Clinton-Bass Island-Put In Bay

Put In Bay is on Bass Island, about 3 miles offshore from Port Clinton, MI. Port Clinton is located between Toledo and Cleveland on Lake Erie. You can take the ferry out to the island.

We chose to take our bikes to the island.

This is my life.

We are standing inside the world's largest geode.

Nancy had a flat on her bike and luckily Tom and Rellene had rented a golf cart and could transport her to a repair shop on the island. In just a short time the bike was fixed and she was on her way again.

We had been told to have lunch on the Boardwalk. Their specialty is their Lobster Bisque and boy was it good.

There is also a Monument to Admiral Oliver Hazard Perry, whose victory in 1813 against the British in the War of 1812, gave the U.S. control over the Great Lakes.

Did anyone notice, the distances are nautical miles?

Of course we just had to go in and find out more about the claim. And yes, the Guiness Book of Records does list this bar as the longest in the world. Unfortunately there was no good lighting to get a picture, so you will just have to take my word or go see it yourself.

But while we were there they had entertainment, Kenny Kid, from Arkansas. He played the piano in the style of Jerry Lee Lewis and he was good. Not just a good piano player and singer, but a great entertainer. One set he imitated the different style of piano players, such as Charley Pride, Billy Joel, Elton John and many others. We stayed through his entire performance.

As we bicycled around the island we spotted the grapes for the winery we had visited earlier.

And the lighthouse. Now owned by the University of Michigan, it is open only one day a year to the public.

We even saw one of the old limestone kilns.

I don't know what kind of airplane this is, but I thought it was sure cute.

Thanks Joanne for recommending we go out to Put-In_Bay, it was well worth seeing.

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