Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cedar Point

Nancy, Max and I spent one day at Cedar Point, an amusement park known for its roller coasters.

The first one we rode was the Raptor. The track is overhead and you hang in cars underneath.

Looking at The Raptor from the overhead cable car ride. We waited until Monday to go, thinking it might not be so crowded. After getting there we found out Sunday is their slow day. The lines were 45 minutes to 2 hours for almost every ride.

Shortly after our first roller coaster it started to rain. All the rides shut down during rain or thunder and lightening. Hoping it would blow over, we retreated to TGIFs and had lunch.

See, I really am tall enough to go on these rides, no matter what you think.

Max wanted to ride the Magnum XL 200.

At the time it was built it was the tallest roller coaster in the world. But not any longer. We got in line while it was still sprinkling a little and when it finally quit raining altogether and the ride opened again, we were one of the first on.

In addition to all the rides they actually had an old frontier town, complete with a mill, leather shop, glass shop and saloon. Some had demostrations even. These cabins are actual cabins from the 1850s, which were moved here.

This was our favorite ride.

This 310 ft tall steel coaster has a drop that is almost straight down.

We really wanted to ride it again, but we stood in line for 45 minutes the first time and when we came back to get in line again, the line was up to 2 hours. So on we went to find another coaster.

I should have known something was wrong when there wasn't a long line. The name says everything.

One of the original roller coasters here at Cedar Point, it is an all wooden coaster. By far, this was the worst ride of any roller coaster I have ever been on. Rough, bumpy and it actually hurt when you bounced up and down. This has me swearing off wooden roller coasters forever.

On the way home we decided we needed a drink. Now I don't know what Jimmy Buffet thinks of this claim, but it did have good food and margarita's.

Located on a creek outside of Sandusky on Highway 6.

The restaurant was once the site of an old mill.

Back at Port Clinton we even had time to walk to the beach from where we were parked.

Looking back from the beach to our RVs.

Sunset from Catawba Peninsula.

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Barbara and Ron said...

You didn't say, but I bet some of those coaster went upside down. I don't do upside down. You guys are brave.