Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oswego, NY

The plan was to stop in Oswego overnight, staying at the Walmart. The reason was to visit the old Fort Oswego, a key player in the War of 1812. But upon arrival at the Walmart we found large "NO Overnight for RVs and Trucks" posted all over the parking lot. So we only stopped long enough to go visit the fort before heading down the road. Don't towns understand how much business they lose? We would have eaten dinner at a local restaurant and probably done a little shopping in the area if we had stayed overnight. Oh well....

Fort Oswego. Like many of the older forts it has gone through many transitions. First
established as a trading post in 1722, it became a fort in 1727, manned by the British. It fell to the French during the French and Indian War, mid 1700s. It was abandoned by the Army in the 1940s. Later it was used as a veteran's home before the state bought it and restored it as a historic site.

The lighthouse for Oswego, NY.

We drove through town and saw some interesting older buildings. Many are several hundered years old. This building is now an Irish Pub.

This castle like building is the YMCA.

Originally a train depot, this building is now a local grocery store.

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Diana said...

I agree these towns lose business with their unfriendly attitudes. I'm currently in Flagstaff and having a hard time. This is the first time I have been in Flagstaff in all my years of RVing, and I realize now that is the reason.