Sunday, July 31, 2011

Palmyra, NY

Leaving Niagara Falls and Lockport, NY, I headed towards Palmyra, NY. Besides being another city located on the Erie Canal, it is best known for the birthplace of Mormanism. This is where Joseph Smith found the golden plates.

First thing we did after arriving in town was visit the marina on the Erie Canal. Not a marina like I am used to, no gas pump or store, it is a place where boats can tie up for the night, pump out their holding tanks, take on water and hook up to shore power while traversing the Erie Canal. They can also get out and walk into town and see the sights.

There are bathrooms with showers and a pavilion as well. They have music in the pavilion on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons.

We are staying at the Moose Lodge in Palmyra, and they were having a Country Jamboree over the weekend with 6 different bands playing. It was a most enjoyable stay, wandering in and out and listening to the music. Nancy even won the 50/50 drawing.

We also have several burn your own potlucks with fresh New York Corn. Even Fancy had her own piece.

The best farmers market around was down the road in Lyons. The ladies from one of the local churches provided coffee, lemondade and fried dough. There was also music at the gazebo.

It was a very good farmers market with lots of local produce and baked goods. We all took something home.

The farmers market was held downtown in the square. Across the street we noticed was the local Elks Lodge. No parking here for sure. They don't even have a parking lot. The members park along the street. It looks as if at one time this lodge was once a private residence.

We did go out to Cumorah Hill, where it is said Joseph Smith received the golden plates from the Angel Moroni. The translated plates became the Book of Mormon.

This is the farmhouse where Joseph Smith moved in 1818 as a young boy.

Several of us took a nice bike ride down the Canalway Trail, along the Erie Canal.

We biked from south of Palmyra to Macedon and then back again.

Back at the Marina in Palmyra we talked to the people on this boat. It is a rental. For $2000 for 4 days, you get the boat, full galley, sleeping rooms and 2 bathrooms, gas and no charge to stop at these marinas along the canal. It is $4000 if you want the boat for a full week.

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