Sunday, July 31, 2011

Black River Gorge Whitewater Rafting

I picked up some brochures for the area and one was on whitewater rafting. There were 3 locations, but only the Black River Gorge was close to where we were going to be. It had been rainy all week and the reservations are 'rain or shine', but we did it anyway. Yes, it did rain on us, but the temps were in the 80s, so it was quite warm. We got wet anyway, so what did a little rain matter.

The Black River Gorge rafting trip is 8 miles of Class III+ rapids. It starts in downtown Watertown and ends in Dexter, NY. There is a short trip for those who don't want the extreme rapids. Those rafters choosing the short trip get off after the first 3 sets of rapids. This is one of those first 3.

We started with 9 paddlers and our guide. This was our guide's 2nd summer on the river. Not only did he keep us from flipping, but he gave us a great history of the town, the area and the industries which grew up along the river. Did you know Watertown was the location of the first papermill in the U.S.?

We made it through the rapid and now it was time to say "hooray"

The last of the 3 rapids allowed our guide to 'surf'. After coming down through the rapid frontways, he brought us back around and we went into the rapid facing upstream. When he could get us in the right position we could stay put, surfing so to speak on the waves.

We have now stopped and let Rellene off after the first 3 sets of rapids and it is just 8 paddlers and our guide. The guide informs us the previous 3 rapids were just for practice.

Coming down through one of the rapids. There were 6 boats, all with at least 6 paddlers, most had 8. You had to be at least 14 years of age to complete the full trip. Anyone under 14 had to get off at the short trip stopping point. Out of all the boats only 2 teenagers fell out. One was immediately pulled back in his boat, but it was our raft which rescued the other teen from the rapids. He had minor cuts and bruises, but he was able to complete the trip.

We all got wet on this rapid.

Even the guide hit the deck as we went through this one. After the first 3 sets of rapids, we had 8 more sets of rapids to go. Halfway through we stopped for a snack and we had to portage the rafts over a 20+ foot spillway.

One of the sets of rapids were actually 3 rapids together, each with a drop of 6-8 feet. Lots of water, but we stayed up and no one went swimming.

All through and we are now just enjoying the ride. All of us wanted to do it all over again.


Diana said...

Wow, looks like a great time. Loved the shot of the guide on the bottom of the boat! How did you get all the pictures? Did they have cameras at all the rapids?

Barbara and Ron said...

That really looked wild! I also wondered how you got the pictures. What an adventure!

dancing naked--- said...

that looks awesome---and scary. i'm glad you all survived!!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Oh see, I need a life vest just to read this post. Good work! I need to lie down.


The Good Luck Duck said...

Wait, I forgot to ask if you're having trouble commenting on any other blog. I checked my settings again, and they are completely unrestrictive. Are you in some kind of trouble with Blooger?

ladynomad said...

To Good Luck Duck. I'm sorry but your last comment makes no sense. Your comment came thru just fine. Why would I be in trouble with blooger?

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