Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tyler Bend and Kayaking the Buffalo River

My first stop on the kayaking circuit this year is Tyler Bend, a National Park Service campground on the Buffalo River.  If you want to see my other experiences here, just check out my Archives for May 2008, 2009 and 2010.
There were just a few of us on the hike as most of the group went on the hike at 8am.  Way too early for me.

The Collier Homestead, dating back to 1928, was one of the last homesteads under the 1862 Homestead Act.  It took the family until 1937 to finish all the improvements required to become the rightful owners.  They lived a simple life on this farm, with no electricity and no plumbing until 1961.

Just down the trail from the homestead is this cliff, overlooking the Buffalo river.

This old cedar tree, with its sprawling limbs, allow you to perch right on the edge of the cliff overlooking the river.

We kayaked twice during the week we were there.  It took three trucks, all loaded with 5-7 kayaks, to get us to the river.

Getting ready to paddle.  The Buffalo River is one of the prettiest rivers, being the first of the Nationally protected Wild and Scenic Rivers.  

After the paddle we were all ready for lunch at the Gilbert Cafe.

Our second paddle took us upstream to put in, paddling down to our campground.

We were lucky to see this beautiful bald eagle perched in a tree above us as we floated by.

Our stop along the way for lunch.  

They say that lots of turtles are a sign of a healthy stream.  If so, then this stream is really, really healthy.

Our week was over all too soon, so now it is off to Mountain View.

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Diana said...

How beautiful! LOVE the turtle shot!