Thursday, June 6, 2013

Randol's and the Festival International de Lousiane

Betty's RV Park was a holding spot while waiting for the Crawfish Festival to start.  But no worries, there were plenty of things to keep us busy.  One evening we went to Randol's, a restaurant that provides live cajun music every night.  Our friends, Chuck and Sherry from Bandera, were there.
Marion, Judy, Max and Chuck

Chuck and Sherry on the dance floor.

Chuck playing the Rubboard.

Sherry is teaching Marion a new dance step.

Chuck is dancing with both Sherry and myself.  Yes, we are as twisted up as it looks, but Chuck was good, he brought us out of it perfectly.

The night is over and we head home.  I'm just glad real, live alligators aren't this big.

We happened to arrive in time for the Festival International de Louisiane, held in Lafayette.  They have bands from all over the world, highlighting different cultures and styles of music.  Multiple stages are going at the same time, and the bands change every few hours, so you can stroll the area and stop and listen whenever you hear something you enjoy.  The festival also highlights crafts and goods from these countries too, if you are in the market for hand carved wood from Africa, or beads from South America.

This band was from India.

You never know what you will see on the streets.

This band was singing Irish ballads.

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Gypsy Boho said...

I live only 2 hours from Lafayette but have never been to the Festival International. It sounds like fun.