Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cajun Woodstock

We met Chuck and Sherry and some of their friends here on Saturday.  The festival was on both Saturday and Sunday and is a fund raiser for St. Jude's Hospital.  Started in 2003, it has quickly gained popularity and now the entire town sponsors this event.

Held at the Church Point, LA, park in the pavilion.

Chuck and Sherry doing a little cajun dancing.

The lineup for entertainment was great.  We got to see both Bradley Venable and Kick Back, as well as Richard Lebeouf and Two Step.  We waited until Lil Wayne and Same Ol Two Step came on, but left shortly after since we knew we would see more of them at the Crawfish Festival.

Max just goes for the cajun food.  YUM!  Crawfish Etouffee.

I said it was a fund raiser and boy did they raise the funds.  In between bands the auctioneer came out and started auctioning various items which were on display in the pavilion.  This ice chest, made of cypress, auctioned for over $2000.

This portable grill and crawfish cooker auctioned for over $5000.  We watched items that had a value of $250, auction for over $800.  Items valued at $35, auctioned for $100.  One homemade pie auctioned for $600.  The people here really like to support St. Jude's Hospital and seem to have the money to do that.  Maybe the Duck Dynasty millionaires were there......?

Too bad I won't be around, sounds like fun.

We even got out there and did a little cajun dancing too.

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