Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Crater of Diamonds

They say there are diamonds in Arkansas, so I decided to go see for myself.

And as I passed through the small town of Delight, AR, population 279, I found it had a claim to fame.

And just down the road was Crater of Diamonds State Park, where on appx. 40 acres, hundreds of diamonds have been found.  It started in 1906 when John Huddleston, a local farmer, saw something shiny as he was walking about his property.  As he returned to his home, he spotted another shiny item.  Taking them to Murfreesboro, he discovered he had found a 2 5/8 carat white diamond and a 1 3/8 carat yellow diamond.  After that, the diamond rush was on. John Huddleston eventually sold the land for $36,000, and it was held by various individuals and companies until it became a state park in 1972.  

This 3.03 carat diamond in the rough, was found in 1990 by a woman from Murfreesboro, AR.  It was cut in 1997 into this 1.09 round shape brilliant diamond featuring an 'ideal cut'.  In 1998, the American Gem Society declared this diamond to be of the highest grade and quality.  One this perfect and over a carat is said to occur only one in a billion.  (Sorry the photo isn't clearer, but it was behind glass)

Looking out over the diamond fields.

Looks just like any old dirt lot.

But of course I just had to dig for diamonds myself.

Some people dig up the dirt and use a sieve to wash the dirt, hoping diamonds will be left.

There have been some notable diamonds found here.

But still, not enough to warrant a commercial venture.  So now, you can pay $7 and hunt for diamonds yourself all day long.  And the best thing, if you do find a diamond, you get to keep it.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Like you, I gave up pretty fast. Ron was more determined, but still didn't find any. He says he read recently (in the last six months) that somebody did find a diamond.