Saturday, June 8, 2013

Crawfish Festival, Beaux Bridge, LA 2013

They said the Crawfish Festival this year had more attendees than ever in the history.  I can say, it was crowded.
Many people brings chairs.

Lots of bands.

It just get busier in the evening.  BTW, those people aren't standing up in front, they are dancing.  The dance area was packed.  Combat dancing at its best.

Mr. and Mrs. Crawfish.  I hear this couple are in their 90s and they were instrumental in starting this festival some years back.

Our friends, Pete and Kathy.

Kathy with her rubboard.

Zydeco band.

Waiting on the parade.

Lots of crawfish here!

The size of this crawfish would put any lobster to shame!

I learned several new line dances.

Went to the Zydeco breakfast at Cafe Des Amis.  Wasn't as crowded as usual.  Also, I had never seen a female zydeco band before either.

This lady is always there selling her rubboard ties.

Bobbi is getting zydeco dance lessons from one of the locals.

Dancing a cajun waltz with a regular.

I showed some pictures of this place in a previous blog, but now we are here on a Sunday afternoon.

The band just started and it is getting warmed up.

More and more people come in and it's getting crowded.

Gino Delafonse brings in a crowd.  He is very popular here and I enjoyed his music very much.

They don't serve food in the bar, but do have a food wagon out front.  Good pulled pork sandwiches.

On the last song of the night all newcomers to Angelle's Whiskey River Landing are supposed to get on the bar and dance.  Well, here I am.  So now I can really say I have danced on a bar top.

The setting sun over the Atchafalaya Basin from Whiskey River Landing.  What a glorious way to end our stay in Beaux Bridge.  Tomorrow we head north.  Our goal?  NARKSMO (Northern Arkansas, Southern Missouri Kayaking), to meet up with some WIN (Wandering Individual Network) friends.

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