Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Holly Beach

As we left the Houston area, we headed south along the Creole Nature Trail to Holly Beach, the Cajun Riviera.
I spotted this as we were driving.  After parking the RVs we returned to check it out.  Someone had spray painted this poor dead dolphin.  Couldn't see any obvious reason why it was dead, but I do believe it had been here for a little while anyway.  I'm glad we weren't parking overnite next to this.  We ran into a local and they said this was not an uncommon site.

Parked on Holly Beach.  This year it wasn't so windy and it was really very pleasant, just cool.  Last time we were here it was warm enough to go swimming, but the wind was terrible.  Maybe next time it will be both warm and not windy.

Holly Beach really isn't a town.  Not even a gas station.  This is as close as it comes to having a store.

As you can see, it's not much.  You don't want to arrive here expecting to pick up supplies from the local market.

This may be the Cajun Riviera, but I don't think it's ready to compete with the French Riviera, at least not yet.

All you can see is shrimp boats and offshore oil wells.

Fancy sure did like it though.  She even got to run loose on the beach.

The entire lower highway is designated as the Creole Nature Trail.  

The highway at one point has a ferry crossing.  Last time we were here the main ferry was getting repairs and they were using a smaller ferry which only held one RV at a time, and anything longer than 50 foot total, had to disconnect their tow vehicle (I was 53 ft).  Today, we got three RVs (without disconnecting the tow vehicles, plus several semi's and cars.
Next stop, Betty's RV Park, Abbeville, LA.

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Gypsy Boho said...

I spent 2 nights on Holly Beach last winter. I was the only RV there and really enjoyed playing with my dog on the beach. I was thinking of going again this summer.