Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Strawberry Festival

I arrived at Bandera, TX, on Mar 31. The dance rally doesn't start until Apr 3, but there is so much to do.....

There is a motorcycle rally going on this weekend and they expect over 10,000 bike to attend. Small compared to Sturgis, but still pretty big. Bikes are everywhere. Expect some pictures in a few days.

But today some of us went over to Poteet, TX, home of the Strawberry Festival. It is supposed to be the largest agricultural festival in Texas. Mainly it was a carnival with entertainment on several stages, a rodeo, craft vendors and fair food....

The Strawberry Festival attendees.

Aren't we cute?
Hey, we must be a real cowboy and cowgirl now!

The Doo Dah Riders band. I thought they were great. They ended their set with a medley of all the theme songs from the old westerns, like Lone Ranger, and all the others like it.

These little boys enjoyed the music too.

But then these cowboys roped me!

They got Joyce too!

Then we played dress up at one of the craft vendors.

This is John Wayne Shelton, who just got voted off American Idol. He sang the National Anthem at the rodeo. He also did some calf roping later too.

But I always enjoy the bull riders.

It was a long, hot day. Over 90 degrees and high humidity. I was glad to get into the air conditioned car for the ride home.

Gotta go now. We are going dancing at the 11th Street Bar in town. Later.....

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