Thursday, April 21, 2011

Houston Space Center and Kemah Boardwalk

Today we decided to visit the Johnson Space Center. Max went online to find out the time and discovered he could get tickets 1/2 off if he purchased online. Wow, what a deal.

After arriving they suggested we go get in line for the tram. The tram takes you from the
public space center museum over to the working NASA facility.

First stop was the command center. Although not in use since 1995, this command center is maintained exactly as it was during its use through the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Skylab era. A newer command center on the 2nd floor is the current facility and on weekends I understand you get to view it also. This older command center is on the National Archives of Historic Places.
We saw several movies about our explorations on the moon, got some current info on who and what is going on at the ISS (International Space Station), but after 4 hours or so, we were museum out.

Next stop, Kemah Boardwalk.

Just a small area down on the waterfront with a few amusement rides and lots of restaurants and shops. I realized I had been here before back when I was still working and was in Houston for business. Too bad the roller coaster wasn't operating so I couldn't ride.

We watched this guy catch several fish, always too small, but then he caught this stingray.

The palapas for this bar and grill had real thatched roofs.

When we got ready to leave this pickup was parked out front.
Very touristy, but a nice place to visit once. Tom V. arrived and met us at the boardwalk for drink and appetizers. Nice way to end the day.

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chyna said...

Thanks for all the info. My bf and I are going next weekend on the 14th to both the space center and the boardwalk. any good places to eat? we both don't like seafood!

-Chyna =]