Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bandera, TX

I blew it. I forgot my camera yesterday, so no pictures of the thousands of motorcyles cruising through the little town of Bandera (pop. 937). So today when I went in for pictures, guess what? Everyone was on the way home. Well, not quite everyone, but the numbers of motorcyles was greatly diminished.

Last night at the 11th Street Cowboy Bar the street in front was closed off except for motorcycles. But inside it wasn't really all that crowded. Maybe the place is really just that large. Anyway, had a great time dancing and listening to music.

In front of the OST (Old Spanish Trail) Restaurant, a few of the motorcyclists who are still around.

Inside the restaurant I spotted this sign and noticed the bar stools.
Later in the afternoon was "Down by the River with Nancy". It started with a social gathering, then a cookout.

It's always fun, but today was quite hot, close to 90 degrees or hotter.

Someone said we were the Three Stooges, but I don't who was Larry or Curly or Moe.

Our entertainment this year was a Cowboy Poet/Singer and he was very good. He told some stories, sang some songs and thoroughly entertained the crowd.

In the evening Linda Wheeler, one of our own dance rally participants, entertained us with her singing.

And of course with this group, where there is music, there is usually dancing. Even outside on the grass and leaves!

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