Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holly Beach, LA

Most people have never heard of the Creole Nature Trail, so we decided to find out what it was. Following the Louisiana coast from Port Arthur, TX, to Pecan Island, LA, Hwy 82 meaders through marsh, bayou and alongside the gulf.

But to get there took us over several interesting bridges.

Some of these bridges look steep enough to be roller coaster rides.

This one was under construction. We saw lots of damage from hurricanes, maybe this is still being repaired?

Not so steep, just long.

But finally, the beach. Holly Beach is not a town really, just a small spot on the road with some homes on logs and a large beach.

As you can see it was pretty windy. We had planned on staying several days on the beach, but it was so windy we left after only one night. And then I spent the next day cleaning sand out of my RV.

We had to cross one stretch of water on a ferry. This ferry has a maximum limit of 50 feet. Max was the only one who did not have to disconnect the tow car. It took several trips to get the RVs and the tow cars all across. Here Max and I are looking back as Tom heads across the river.

Once our RVs came on board no other cars could load.

Now we can be on our way again.

I thought the drive over the Creole Nature Trail was great. I saw my alligators in the canals alongside the road. We saw people throwing out pieces of chicken tied on string trying to catch crab and shrimp and we saw lots of fields where they were harvesting crawfish. A very interesting drive along Louisiana's southwestern coast.

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