Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lake Martin, Beaux Bridge, LA

Five of us went out to Lake Martin for some kaying in the cypress swamp.

Here we go.

There were these beautiful light purple flowers all over the swamp.

But then we also saw plenty of these alligators too. I never did get totally comfortable knowing I absolutely had to keep the open side up. I really did not want to find myself in the same water as this guy or his bigger brothers, or even his littlier brothers.

But it was a gorgeous kayak. Normally I don't like just kayaking on a lake, but this was surreal being in all the cypress trees, the hanging moss and listening to all the bullfrogs croaking.

We also saw lots of water birds. Lake Martin is part of the Cypress Island Conservatory and much of the area is restricted because it is a rookery to many wading birds.

Out in the middle of the lake there were places like this. We believe they were duck hunting blinds for duck season.

On our way out we spotted this house. Notice it is 4 stores high, but only 1 room wide. What a strange house. I sure would like to get inside.


Gypsy Boho said...

You're a brave soul kayaking next to gators.

Anonymous said...

I have pics of it too & was told it is beautiful inside but like You I would love to see the inside.