Saturday, July 13, 2013

Yellowstone to Upper/Lower Falls and more

I took another day trip into Yellowstone, but headed towards the east and Upper/Lower Falls, following the shoreline of Yellowstone Lake.  Here again are some of my memories from that drive.
Even along the shore of Yellowstone Lake you see the thermal activity.

Even with signs like this at all thermal areas, you still see stupid people climbing fences and going beyond barriers just to get a closer look.  I guess that's one way to thin out the gene pool.

Signs of the 1997 fire.

LeHardys rapids.  Usually in June and July you can see Salmon swimming upsteam.  I looked and looked, but didn't see any.

Mud Volcano Area and steaming Mud Caldron.

Mud Geyser in the early 1900s erupted every few hours spewing hot mud 50 feet in the air.  Then in 1927 it quit.  But in 1978 a series of earthquakes causing the soil temperatures to rise, killing many trees.  Around 2000 a series of vents opened up, again causing much steam to rise.  Who knows what changes are still to come?
I really liked The Churning Caldron, a large mud lake which was boiling.  Unfortunately I was unable to get a good picture through the steam.

Black Dragon's Caldron came into existence in 1948 when it erupted in 10-20 foot blasts of mud and blowing trees out by their roots.

Dragon's Mouth Spring

Part of the Sulphur Caldron

More of the Sulphur Caldron

Sulphur Caldron is not just one vent or hole, but an area which has boiling sulpher water, steam vents and steaming holes.

I passed several herds of Buffalo.

Below the Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River.

500 steps down, but here I am at the base of the Lower Falls.  The Lower Falls are 309 feet.

The spray of water at the base of the falls creates this beautiful rainbow.

The Upper Falls are only about 100 feet.

The view of the Lower Falls from Artists Point.

This Bull Elk was creating quite a commotion in Canyon Village.

Virginia Cascades

Now these people know how to picnic.  Table and all, they just set up in the meadow.

Artists Paintpot

Beryl Spring


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Awesome pics!!! Really fun... I'm enjoying your trip to Yellowstone. Love it!

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