Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jenny Lake

The bears have been a big problem in the park this year and they advise carrying bear spray and not hiking alone.  Well, since I am traveling by myself at this time, all of my hikes were either on ranger led hikes, like Jenny Lake, or at one of the more popular, busy hiking areas.
Taking the ferry across Jenny Lake to the start of the trailhead.

Hidden Falls.

This marmot was hiding in the roots of the tree at the base of the falls.  

At 7220 ft, and Inspiration Point.  I left the ranger led hike at this point and continued for a couple more miles into Cascade Canyon.

There were lots of blooming flowers along the way.  I think this is a wild rose.

My first glimpse into the canyon.

Blooming Columbines.

I kept hoping to see some beaver in this pond, but I didn't.

Looking down the canyon to the glacier.  This was about where I turned and headed back.  I was seeing fewer and fewer people, and I wasn't feeling as safe as I had earlier even if I did carry bear spray.


turquoisemoon said...

I know the feeling. I've hike by myself too and in the afternoon when a lot of the hikers had headed back, and I was more by myself, I ended up calling it a day too.

Barbara and Ron said...

That's a shame you had to turn around. That looks like a lovely hike. But better to be smart.