Friday, July 5, 2013

Fort Robinson

Fort Robinson was established in 1874 at the site of the Red Cloud Indian Agency.  It has had a very interesting history.  Here is a listing of just a few of the fort's highlights:
1.  Played a role in the Indian wars from 1876-1890.
2.  Crazy Horse surrendered here, then died here a few months later.
3.  A major Indian battle was fought here as a result of a Cheyenne outbreak led by Dull Knife.
4.  It became the Army's largest remount depot (where they trained horses).
5.  During WWII became the site of a K-9 training center.
6. Following deactivation as a military fort, became a base of operations for the Dept. of Agriculture.
A trip to the bluffs for an early morning hike to the top.

Sitting on top of the world (or just the bluffs).

Fancy says, "It's a long ways down."

The bluffs overlook Fort Robinson.  Fort Robinson is the largest state park in Nebraska, with over 22,000 acres.

Some of the barracks, which were housing for Dept of Agriculture employees.  My friend, who is working there is summer, lived in one of these houses when her husband was assigned here with the Dept of Agriculture.

Only a few foundations remain today.

Once there were over 13,000 Indians living in this area.  The Red Cloud Agency had the responsibility of providing supplies to the Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho, following treaties where the Indians ceded land to the U.S.  The agency was relocated to the Pine Ridge Agency, Dakota Territory, following the death of Crazy Horse.

At one time, there were 1800 kennels, and over 10,000 dogs were trained here.  5,000 of the dogs sent overseas in WWII were trained at Fort Robinson.

Officers quarters, built in 1909.  I think the Army had one blueprint for all officers quarters which were built at the frontier forts.  These quarters are almost identical to those which I toured at Fort Russell last summer.

The buttes and bluff around this area made for good hiding when the Indians didn't want to be found.
Well, I had a good visit with my friend, Margaret, but it is time to head west to the Grand Tetons.

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