Friday, July 12, 2013

Yellowstone to Old Faithful and on to Firehole Canyon

Grand Tetons were awesome and majestic, but Yellowstone was just unbelievable.  Such a multitude of diverse topography in such a small area was astounding to me.  I know this was beyond anything I had ever seen or experienced before.  Headed from the south entrance of Yellowstone, through  Firehole Canyon, here are some of the most memorable places.
One more item on my bucket list checked off.

Female Elk at Grand Village.

Lewis Falls

Kepler Cascade

While waiting for Old Faithful to blow, another geyser decided to erupt.

But Old Faithful was right on time.  Although they say, the time between eruptions has been slowly lengthing over the past 50 years.

Old Faithful Inn, built in 1904, it is the largest log hotel in the world.

Chinese Spring

Blue Star Pool

Anemone Geyser

Beauty Pool

Chromatic Pool

Grotto Geyser

Morning Glory Pool

Notice the dead trees on the hillside?  They are all located just above Grand Geyser.  I guess it must put out some noxious fumes and heat to kill all those trees.

Midway Geyser Basin has runoff from Excelsior Spring going into the river.

Opal Pool

Mud flat next to Grand Prismatic Spring

This spring was so large and I'm standing on a boardwalk next to it, so I couldn't get a good picture.  Instea

Grand Prismatic Spring, is considered to be the largest and one of the most brilliant of all the hot springs.  The water is 160 degrees, which causes the spring (the size of many small ponds) to have steam above it at all times.

Firehole Springs.  And of course, it erupted just after I took this picture.

Firehole Lake

Firehole Canyon

Firehole Falls
I took close to 400 pictures this day, so this is only a fraction of what I saw.  I guess if you want to see more, you will just have to visit Yellowstone and see it for yourself.

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Not nearly enough pictures!but, they're great!!! Gosh I hope we go there this fall...he says I'm pestering...imagine that!!!