Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More family and my stay on the farm

After the grandkids left, I headed to Kansas, where I was born, and much of my family still resides.  When I go back to the Arkansas City area, I stay at my Aunt's farm.
I park out by her 'shed', where I even have 30A elec.   She has about 2000 acres, of which most is planted in wheat (she leases it).  But she still keeps enough to pasture and graze her horses.

Her back yard is full of flowers.  She has a family of wild turkeys who wander in almost daily.

This guy drove the dogs crazy.  He is wedged between some shelves and the wall of her patio.  We took the dogs inside, but it was still about an hour before the poor raccoon decided it was safe to come out and leave.

My aunt has a 7 month old puppy, Sadie.  Sadie and Fancy became fast friends during the week I was there.
I had a chance to visit many other family members while I was in the area, too.  Had a great time in Wellington.  Thanks for having everyone over Michelle.
All too soon, I was on my way to Alma, KS, where I was visiting more family.  Didn't stay long, but while I was there I took a scenic drive.

Now there is nothing left but a few houses, no businesses, or indications there ever was.  But in 1858, this community was founded and a general store was opened.  It was replaced by another store in 1874, which operated until it closed in 1956.  In the 1990s, the building burnt, and there is nothing to show now but a vacant lot (I couldn't even find any foundations).  The town also boasted of one of the largest schools in the area.  Why?  Not because of students, but because it was a 2-room schoolhouse.  Actually, it did have about 64 students in the late 1800s, but by 1962 only had 9 students when it was closed.

The only structure that even remotely looked old, was this rock house. 
Sadly, my time visiting family has drawn to a close and now I am returning to the road, heading towards the wilds of Montana.  But along the way I'm going to stop and visit a friend at Fort Robinson in Nebraska, who is working there for the summer.  Check soon for my blog on Fort Robinson.

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