Monday, July 8, 2013

Grand Tetons-Signal Mtn and a horseback ride

Fancy says she's all ready to go exploring.  Dogs are not allowed on any of the hiking trails or outside the parking lots, but today I was just going to do a little exploring by car anyway.

One of the first places I found was Cattleman's Bridge.

I was curious about where this road went.  There were no signs, no indications it went anywhere, but it ended up at Cattleman's Bridge, although there are no remaining signs of the bridge anymore.  Located on a bend of the Snake River, it was one of the prettiest spots in the park.
I signed up for a dinner horseback ride.  Here are the horses, all waiting.

As seen above, my horse was Tatertot.  I believe he got this name because of his color.

You could also choose to ride on the wagon.  They used Percheron draft horses to pull the wagon.

It was about a 3 mile ride and took us about an hour to arrive at our dinner destination.  Notice the feed bag on the horse?  It wasn't there to feed the horse, but to keep the horse from nibbling grass, twigs, etc., along the way.  It also kept the horses from biting each other, which I was glad of, since one of the other horses tried to bite mine on the way back.

Our dinner setting.  Isn't that a great view.

And the dinner was pretty good too. 

This Sage Grouse was showing off as I drove up Signal Mountain.

From the top of Signal Mtn you can see the sage brush flats.

And the sun sets on the Tetons.


turquoisemoon said...

WoW! That's a huge dinner!!! Beautiful scenery... Loving your posts...

Desert Diva said...

What a wonderful day. I'll bet you had fun riding Tatertot! Dinner looks supper yummy too! :-)

Barbara and Ron said...

I so jealous that you saw a sage grouse. They are supposed to be abundant around Walden Reservoir and I looked and looked last year in vain.