Monday, October 13, 2008


After leaving SD, I headed towards Grand Junction, CO. Of course I had to travel through WY. Since Max had not seen Ft. Laramie, the Oregon Trail Ruts or Register Cliff, we stopped for a few nights at the town park of Ft. Laramie. No hookups, but the little park was quiet and asked only for a donation. Of course we went into town for dinner one night and found the only restaurant available.
On our way back from the actual old Fort, I saw this sign and couldn't resist.

I always wondered just who they were talking about.

I posted pictures of the Oregon Trail Ruts and Register cliff back in my June blog, so I'm not posting more pictures this time.

After leaving WY, we headed towards Denver, stopping on the way to tour the Budweiser brewery. Our tour guide was the daughter of the head brewmaster, so she has been raised around the Budweiser breweries all her life. She was a great guide. Got to try several new beers but decided I didn't like any of them.

Left Ft. Collins and the brewery and headed into Denver. Parked overnight behind a Sam's Club and then met my kids and grandson, Brian, Donna and Joshua at the Old Chicago Pizzaria in Aurora about 9pm. Had a nice, but short, visit.

Next day we headed across the Rockies towards Grand Junction.....

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