Monday, October 27, 2008

Bullhead City, AZ; Laughlin, NV; and Kathrine's Landing

The next gathering was at Kathrine's Landing, Lake Mojave. This is just north or Bullhead City, AZ, and Laughlin, NV. While there we only did a short hike and 2 kayaks. I only went on the river kayak, choosing to bow out of the lake kayak. Out short hike was out to Grapevine Canyon on Christmas Tree Pass.

Now as I heard the story of how Christmas Tree Pass got its name, back in the 1800s, as people traveled west, they would leave something attached to a tree on the summit of the pass. Over time the tree was loaded with all the things people left and it came to be known as Christmas Tree Pass. Sounds reasonable, so it probably is true. Now Grapevine Canyon was so named since there are lots of petroglyphs. But as you can see, I wonder just how much is maybe more current scratchings. But then, although interesting, I wonder what people will think of our grafitti in 200 years.

Petroglyphs at Grapevine Canyon

Sundance and his band

The biggest part of this gathering was the dancing. Some went dancing 5 nights, some of us only 3 nights. One evening we had over 30 of our group at the dance club. We found a cowboy, named Sundance, who was playing at the Regency. He was singing Karaoke at another club when we first saw him. So many of our group went to listen on Friday and Saturday night. Now this club was an older casino, no hotel, the restaurant was closed, and only slot machines, no tables. I believe we provided more buisness for them those 2 nights than they have seen in the past 6 months.

Line Dancing

Kayaking the Colorado River

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