Saturday, October 18, 2008

Echo Bay, Lake Mead, NV

After leaving Pipe Springs, I stopped in Mesquite, NV, at the casino. They advertised a prime rib dinner for $4.95. It sounded good. When I arrived I found about 15+ RVs parked in the back, most were WINs, on their way to Echo Bay like me. I had my prime rib dinner and enjoyed the country band in the lounge before heading on the next day to Echo Bay.

At Echo Bay we hiked at Valley of Fire State Park, and visited the Lost City Museum in Overton, NV. The Lost City Museum is build on the site of some old pueblo indian ruins. It had some interesting information, especially about the city of St. Thomas which was covered with water when Lake Mead was filled in 1938. And now since the lake is so down (120 ft below normal is what we were told), St. Thomas' ruins are exposed and you can hike down and see them.

On our hike to St. Thomas we got conflicting information on how to get there. Some of us hiked from Overton Beach. It turned out to be a bushwacking, not a hike. But we did make it, 3 miles through tamarask trees and dense brush. The other group drove down a dirt road which we thought might have been a 4-wheel drive road (it wasn't), and they found nice wide paths with a marked trail leading down to the ruins. No matter, it was an adventure, just the same.

Reconstructed pueblo at Lost City Museum

Our bushwacking hike to St. Thomas

Some of the ruins at St. Thomas

Valley of the Fire State Park

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