Monday, October 13, 2008

Lake Powell

From Monument Valley, the next stop was Lake Powell. Four houseboats and 48 people for one week. And you know, all of us returned. Not one person was thrown overboard and most are talking about doing it again next. So I guess everyone had fun. One boat sort of went off and did its own thing, but the other three boats stayed together.

Our first night we had a ring-tailed cat, a close cousin to the racoon, visit us for the home made cookies which were left out on the deck. The ring-tailed cat wasn't loud, but the people running all over the boat chasing it were noisy. I think everyone on the boat was awake before the cat jumped off into the water.

Each houseboat also had a speedboat which we used to take side trips up the canyons. We tried to find some hiking, but could never find where to start at the end of the canyon, so mostly we just took sight-seeing trips. We did hike to Rainbow Bridge. There were happy hours in the lake and some kayaking up the canyons too. There were several nights with campfires and one night we even brought out the boombox and danced in the sand under the moonlight.

On the last morning our boat was attacked by pirates, yes pirates (at least they were dressed like pirates). There were pajama dances on the top deck of one boat, and the food, oh the food. We all ate enough to last us for at least a month. On my boat we had ribeyes, fajitas, tacos, spaghetti, ribs and chicken.

Here you can see all three of the boats.
Sunning on the top deck of the houseboat.

Cruising up Lake Powell. Look at that scenery.

Here is Rainbow Arch. Some years ago, maybe early 90s, there was actually water flowed under the arch, but the lake is so low and has been for so long, water under the arch is a dream nowadays.


Barbara and Ron said...

I see Diana shamed you into catching up. I guess we really missed a good time on the houseboats.

Diana said...

Yes, it sure looked like fun! Great pictures.

Bob Parker & Donna Huffer said...

Ron and Barb, we missed out too so lets go next year.....