Saturday, October 18, 2008


The highlight of the Boulder Beach gathering was the Murder Mystery "Margaritaville", put on by 20 of our WIN members. I think most everyone had more fun picking out their costumes at the local thrift shop, than actually performing in the play. If none of you have ever attended a murder mystery before (I hadn't), then listen up. You are given a part with a characterization and some objectives which you are to perform, such as: I was as new honeymooner and was putting together a surprise reception for my husband, but he didn't know this and thought I was flirting with others at the resort. Oh I forgot to mention, the play was set at a resort on a carribean island. It was all adlib, no lines to memorize. We weren't on a stage, but mingled with the crowd watching the performance. It was lots of fun. Jack Daniels, the bartender was the one murdered, and lifesavin' Sam was his murderer. But oh, getting to that deduction was the most fun of all. Here are the characters and their costumes.
Sandy Beachbum

Sargeant Lord

Starr Bright-a hollywood actress who was supposed to be at rehab

Tatum Tatt-tatoo artist

Thurston Howell III-millionaire

Lifesavin Sam-the lifeguard

Lucky Numbers-a lottery winner

Managin Mo-Sandy Beachbum's manager

Margie Mooner-honeymooner

Mike Mooner-honeymooner

Coconut Jane-owner's wife

Coconut Joe-owner of Margaritaville

Izzie Islander-local girl

Jack Daniels-the bartender

Kylie Cocktail-the waitress

Agent Hollywood-Starr Bright's agent

Bindy Barkeep-manager of the bar

BJ Bellhop

Cabana Bob

Candy Cotton-the millionaire's girlfriend

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Barbara and Ron said...

OMG! Everybody looks amazing! I'm sooo sorry I missed it!