Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kayak Games

On Saturday morning at Boulder Beach, we had kayak games. One was a duck race. Everyone had a small rubber ducky and we all lined up and at the signal we started towards the finish line. We had to get our rubber duckies down to the finish line using only our paddles. No touching the duck. Well, I guess I'm just a little competive, because I WON!!!!

The Duck Race

We also did some kayak training. We all had to tip ourselves over and try to get back in the kayak while in deep water. The trick was to pull yourself up and over the back of the kayak. I had canoe safety training as a volunteer and knew the concept, but it is harder than it looks. Here I am attempting to climb back in.

Problem was, my kayak filled with water when I tipped, so I ended up taking the kayak back to shore to tip it over and empty it of water.

I finally got it over, but when the kayak tipped, so did I.

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