Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wawa, Ontario

The trip to Wawa was through some beautiful scenery along the Trans Canada Highway. Here is the view going downhill, overlooking Lake Superior. And yes, I took this picture while driving.

Our first day at Wawa was visiting the local area and sights. There are many rivers running into Lake Superior and many of these rivers have falls. Although I saw many wonderful falls, I can't put all of them in this blog.

Here I am in front of Scenic High Falls. This is supposed to be one of the highest falls in the east of Canada outside of Niagara. We actually kayaked this same river upstream.

As you can see this is supposed to be a wonderful scenic lookout.

But this is the view the morning we were there. Just a little fogged in. You can't even see Lake Superior, let along the lighthouse and all the other sights.

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