Sunday, August 3, 2008

Across Canada-First Stop: Sault Saint Marie

I crossed into Canada on July 13 with no incident. At the border they only asked how long I was going to be and where I was going. I told them I was circling Lake Superior and they said "Have a good time!". There were over 20 RVs parked at the Moose Lodge in Sault Saint Marie. Like our other stops there was more to do than time to do them. So here are just a few pictures of what we did find time to do.

There was an outdoor concert featuring country music. And where there is country music and the WINs, there is dancing. Here are Max, Mark and myself doing the 10 step while eating our ice cream.

We kayaked out to Dawson Island in Lake Huron. It was only about a mile offshore, then we had lunch at the home of Tom Johnson. After lunch we did some exploring in our kayaks before kayaking back to shore in the rain.

And while there we not only visited the museums and both the American and Canadian locks, but we also kayaked through the locks from Lake Huron to Lake Superior and back again. Here we are with the water rising, waiting for the lock to open and allow us entry into Lake Superior. Lake Superior is 23 feet higher than Lake Huron. The Canadian locks are now used exclusively for recreational boaters and is free. The American locks are for all the commercial traffic and they do charge. Recreational boaters are allowed usage if they want to pay the fee. While on the American side we watched a iron ore freighter, which was over 1000 feet long, go through the locks.

Over our 4 days there we saw several museums and took a tour of the Candian lock. We kayaked twice before heading on to our next stop of Wawa. (Yes that is the name of the town.) On the trip we stopped to do a little sight seeing around Lake Superior.
Here are some of my friends swimming in Lake Superior. Remember, this lake has an average temperature of 40 degrees. Burr! Way to cold for me.
Even Fancy was willing to get wet.

But this was a far as I was going to go. I like to swim in water that is just slightly cooler than bath water.

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