Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back into the U.S.

I know it's a little behind, but here is where I returned to the U.S., through Grand Portage, MN. We continued on to Grand Marais, MN, where we stayed for about 5 days. During our time there the town was celebrating the "Fisherman's Festival".

Pigeon River at the U.S. and Canadian Border

The fort at Grand Portage. The week after we were there they were having a "Rendezvous" and "Pow Wow". They were expecting hundreds of participants to be camped all over this fort.

On a day trip down the Gunflint Trail we stopped for a hike.

During the Fisherman's Festival there were lots of activities. She is an 8-time world champion log roller. This area was first settled by lumberjacks and they are quite proud of their heritage.

Here we are waiting for the parade to start.

Yes, this is a snowmobile acting like a jet-ski. This is quite popular around here. Everyone tries to see how long they can ride the water before they go down.

The town even had fireworks for the festival.

There were lots of other activities, but I can't begin to put up pictures of them all. Needless to say, there was roasted corn, fish burgers, dinner out at the Angry Trout, a BBQ on the beach, and the kayakers even got to be in the water parade. We had 14 of us out paddling. Because of the festival there were no campgrounds which could hold all 22 RVs, so the town allowed our club to park in their parking lot for the week. Even though the town didn't charge us, we all pitched in and gave a donation to a local organization.

On our way to Ely, right outside of town was Cascade River. We stopped and hiked to the top. I believe this is one of the prettiest cascading river (hence it's name I'm sure) and falls I have seen yet.

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