Friday, August 8, 2008

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Our next stop was Thunder Bay, Ontario. We were parked at the Moose Lodge in town. For the first time in weeks we were close to a Walmart and and mall. Many of us took advantage of this and did our shopping to stock up on a few things. But there were many sights to see here as well. This area was famous for its fur trading back in the 1800s and Ft. Williams is the place to go see what it was like. They have interpretive tours daily, but the day after we arrived in Thunder Bay, they were having a reenactment. So of course, we were there. Here I was actually churning real cream.

We watched a reenactment of the French and Americans, against the British and Canadians. Here they were getting the women and children out of the area. Actually, Ft. Williams was not a military fort, but a fur trading fort. Every year there was the large rendevous, where all the fur traders and representatives from Northwest Trading company gathered. It was a time where hundreds, maybe thousands gathered for business and well as recreation and social enjoyment. So the reenactment was not something which happened at Ft. Williams, but instead, was a reenactment, showing how the 2 sides fought and how there military strategies differed.

The British soldiers are whisking away the locals.

Kekebaca Falls was another place we visited.

One place we were told we just had to go was Mt. McKay, a scenic overlook. It did give a nice view over the city and Lake Superior, but probably the best sight was being able to see the sleeping giant. If you look close, the mountains form the shape of a giant, laying down sleeping. The head is to the left and his arms are folded on this chest, with his legs outstretched to the right. Well, thats what they say anyway. They actually have made a state park at the location of the sleeping giant and people go there to hike and picnic.

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