Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two Harbors, MN

While in Two Harbors we stayed at the Moose Lodge, all 18 RVs. We went to Duluth, took a day trip up the North Shore to visit Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock Lighthouse, took in the local sights, and rode our bikes for pie.

We were told we just had to go and eat at Betty's Pies. So most of us got on our bikes and rode the 3 1/2 miles to the restaurant. Many of us also had their specialty of broasted chicken before having our pies. I believe we all agreed, the pie was great. Several returned a few days later and had pie again.

In town there was the 3M museum. Yes, that is the big 3m corporation. It started in 1905 in Two Harbors. The company went 11 years before showing a profit, but it knew it had a good idea and look where the company is today. And its first product and still one of its best sellers? Their sandpaper. Also in town was the lighthouse which we toured; a tug boat built in the late 1800s and was still operating until 1971; the ore docks, which we got to see an ore ship being loaded the day we arrived; and the old train depot and museum. Side by side they had an old steam ore train engine, one of the last of the largest ever built, and next to it was a newer diesel engine. Both had been owned, just like the tugboat, by the ore companies to move the ore down to Lake Superior for shipping.

I bet no one knew I had a restaurant in Two Harbors, did you? We ate breakfast there and it was pretty good.

Gooseberry Falls

Split Rock Lighthouse

Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock State Park and Lighthouse were both on our day trip north of Two Harbors. We did some hiking at both places as well as climb the lighthouse. This lighthouse was not as important as the fog horn. If the ships could hear the fog horn, then they were too close. The fog horn could be heard 7-10 miles out. We came back the next day and hiked up Split Rock River to Split Rock. Yes, there was a reason it was named split rock. It was a fun hike, 6 miles along the river. We took way more time than usual because we foraged the thimbleberry and raspberry bushes along the way.

The Lift Bridge in Duluth. It is in the down position for auto traffic.

Here is the lift bridge in the up position for an ore freighter to pass under. It is said the cables which lift this bridge are so balanced, it could be done by hand.

A viking ship in Leif Erikson Park in Duluth.

Yes, again, there is a story here. We had heard we should go see the viking ship at the park, but when we arrived it was all covered up. A sign said they were taking donations so the ship could be restored and displayed. I think they would get more donations if we could see it first.

Also, while in Duluth, we visited one of the first breweries in MN, Fitgers. It was a brewery from the mid 1800s until the 1980s (exact dates are not my thing). It is now being restored as a hotel and mall, but since it is on the National Historical Registry, it cannot be changed. They also have a new brew pub which we had to try. We also drove the skyline drive, which runs along a ridge overlooking the city and the harbor. And I have now been in WI. Across the bridge from Duluth is its sister city of Superior, where we went shopping at the Walmart. And since it was my birthday while we were at this stop, we returned to Duluth for my birthday dinner at Outback Steakhouse.


Barbara and Ron said...

Happy belated birthday! Outback would be my choice too.

Two Harbors MN said...

The lighthouse is super nice!

Towering above a plateau facing the sea. so majestic.